3 Great Benefits Of Advertising On Online Radio

If you’re not making the shift from traditional media channels like TV, print and radio to the more effective online advertising opportunities, you’re losing out. With the development of the Internet and tech devices, live streaming has become a way of life for millions around the world.  Worldwide, consumers are embracing Internet radio on an increasing range of devices. Listening to the radio station of your choice is no longer limited to the area in which you live, and certainly not to the radio sitting in the lounge or even the one in your car. Listeners have access to the music they love 24/7, from Jozi to Helsinki and New York to Adelaide.  For advertisers, this is brilliant as you can reach consumers listening in on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs from all over the world day and night. It’s a great time to think about serving adverts about your product or brand to a larger audience. Welcome to Internet radio!

Reach further with online radio

There’s a growing shift towards online listening because it offers greater freedom in terms of variety and choice.  Without the limitation of geographical boundaries or distance from antennae, almost anything is within reach. And, even though the stations broadcast via the web, few charge a subscription which means that all this is available free to the listener. Whereas the average FM listener only spent half an hour listening to the radio during peak times, today’s trend is to enjoy streaming the online radio station of your choice whilst you drive, chat, workout or even work on your laptop.  This translates into great benefits for the online radio advertiser.

  1. A bigger audience – more people are listening, both in your local area and from further afield;
  2. Longer listening – because of the ease and convenience of listening on any device, people are spending more time listening.

Save with online radio advertising

But this is not all. Let’s talk money for a minute. How will advertising affect your budget and bottom line? You might be surprised to learn that advertising on online radio costs significantly less than advertising on traditional radio stations.  Research also suggests that online listeners are more likely to act on your advert’s call to action. If they are already online browsing the Internet or checking their social media and they hear your radio advert, they are perfectly poised to take action right then and there, and buy your product online.

The shift to streaming offers benefits for anyone looking for a more cost effective advertising that reaches a much broader audience than traditional radio. Go with the cheaper choice that has a stronger impact on audiences. To find out more, contact All Time Radio. All the hits. All the time.

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