Media Release: Adam Releases His New Album!

It is easy to understand why ADAM is so popular in the Afrikaans entertainment industry. This musical trio, consisting of Hugo Ludik, Reynardt Hugo and Kyle Grant, has the unique ability to soulfully combine beautiful lyrics and captivating melodies with their distinctively unique style and deliver it to listeners in perfect harmony. Their new album has just hit the shelves and will improve on the winning recipe that made them famous.

BEWE boasts eleven brand new songs  as well as new renditions of old crowd favourites and is a mixture of upbeat dance tracks and heartfelt ballads. The latest batch of original songs were written by Hugo Ludik, Reynardt Hugo, Vaughan Gardiner and Nerine Gardiner. It also features a duet, Kalmeer, with Kyle’s wife which promises to satisfy even the most critical of ears.

“The theme of our new pop album is emotional patriotism. It’s like looking through the lens of someone who is proud to be South African. We sing about our beautiful women, our beautiful country and our history and future,” says Kyle Grant. “We decided to  spoil listeners with eleven brand new tracks and some of our older songs they are familiar with. There is also a definite growth in ADAM’s style and a new level of maturity in our music,” adds Reynardt.

Their previous album, Hoogtevrees, won two Ghoema Awards in 2017 (Group of the Year and Best Album by a Group or Duo) and a SAMA Award for Best Pop Album. The titular track, written by Hugo and Reynardt, topped the music charts of some of the biggest radio stations in the country.

Sê My (Bewe), a cheeky dance track, hit radio stations during February 2018 and was the first single to be released from their new album. The song was inspired by Hugo’s failed attempts to get a girlfriend and especially to meet a nice girl at a bar. “The single is tongue-in-cheek and fun to perform. It is the first time that we have a song that is both playful and humorous and we are very excited about it,” shares Hugo. It was a team effort by Reynardt, Hugo and Vaughan and is about those corny pick-up lines that men use so often. “It is a catchy tune that everyone will be able to relate to and has the potential to be a hit,” Reynardt says. A music video of the song will also be available soon.


Hugo Ludik is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and talented cricketer. His parents used to listen to different types of music all the time, which sparked his interest and inspired him to start playing guitar when he was sixteen. “I really listen to everything. There is no genre that I do not like. As long as a song has a good melody or good lyrics (preferably both) I love it. Of all groups, Queen probably had the greatest influence on my own style,” he shares. His first public performance was in 2003 when he participated in the inter-house serenade competition as a law student at Stellenbosch University. After that he performed with his brother, the singer and actor Stefan Ludik, for five years. He soon realized that there was a shortage of original Afrikaans songs and started writing himself. In 2008 he and Willie van der Merwe won the Huisgenoot Tempo Song Writing Contest with their song, Papsopwinterwaternat, which was later recorded by Kurt Darren. This year he celebrates his twelfth year in the music industry. Aside for the music on ADAM’s albums, he also writes songs for many big stars like Kurt Darren, Willem Botha, Pieter Koen and Gerhard Steyn. Hugo and Vaughan Gardiner also have their own production company, Muse Productions that records and produces music for several artists. When asked where the inspiration for his songs comes from, he says: “My music is inspired by personal experiences and encounters – either directly or indirectly. So I always write about things I can relate to: love, happiness, tragedy, family. The music industry taught me to be honest and sincere when it comes to relationships and music… because it makes you sleep so much better at night.”

 Reynardt Hugo has been working in the entertainment industry for eight years as a singer, songwriter and actor. The artist is probably best known for his role as Dr. Tertius Jonker in the popular kykNET soap opera, Binnelanders, but has also starred in various plays and stage productions, including Houtkruis, and is a regular master of ceremonies and speaker at functions. He also made a guest appearance in the movie, Vuil Wasgoed, and boasts a BA Drama degree from the University of Pretoria. Reynardt enjoys certain classical and pop music as well as instrumental tracks from movie soundtracks and believes that it’s important to stay grounded and humble, no matter how successful you become. When asked what career he would consider outside of the entertainment industry, he says: “I would have really loved to be an artist, but unfortunately I cannot draw very well.” Health is also very important to him and he jogs about five kilometres every day. He is responsible for writing most of ADAM’s songs with Hugo, and says: “On the one hand, the writing process is very mechanical. You are writing specifically for the market. You have no choice if you want to make a decent living. On the other hand, it is very personal. It mostly comes because your heart loves life unconditionally and you open yourself up for inspiration.”

 Kyle Grant is a singer, dancer and actor who started his music and stage career at Barnyard Theatre Productions. His parents are both musicians, his mother a singer and father a drummer, so you could say that music is in his blood. He recorded his first solo album in 2003 and has been in the music industry for fifteen years. Some of the highlights of his career includes his role as Schalk in Egoli, as well as roles in successful stage productions and musicals such as Dirty Dancing, The Musical and High School Musical (in which he played the lead), Chess – The Musical, Sunset Boulevard and Hairspray, all of which were performed internationally. He loves Jazz and R & B and believes Boyz II Men, Paolo Nutini, Frank Sinatra and Brian McKnight were the biggest influences in his own music career. When he is not working with ADAM, he manages his own music school and does solo performances. If he could not entertain for a living, he would have liked to work with animals and to spend more time outdoors. He was also a South African Rowing Champion in his younger days. When you ask him what his work has taught him so far, he answers: “To be myself without a director. There is a huge difference between the world of theatre world and the pop industry. I also had to learn to be more open to the public. I used to be a very shy and private person, but the Afrikaners has managed to pull me out of my shell.”

ADAM has always been one of the most productive bands in South Africa and has most certainly reaped the benefits of their efforts over the years, with three of their albums ADAM (2011), Vir Jou Gemaak (2012) and Goud (2012), reaching gold status. In 2014, the group’s single, Sal Oorlog Vir Jou Maak, shot to fame after being included on the soundtrack of local box office hit, Pad Na Jou Hart. The song was not only a hit on various radio stations, but also received a Ghoema Award for Song of the Year as well as a Huisgenoot Tempo nomination in the same category. In addition, they have been awarded Ghoemas for Best Newcomer (2011) and Group of the Year (2015).

Furthermore, they have performed at the country’s most prestigious concerts and music festivals, including Huisgenoot Skouspel and have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. The group has released an English EPK album, Young and Wild, in collaboration with Daniel Baron, which was extremely well received. In addition to their success on the local front, they have also had the privilege of opening for the Irish group, Westlife, in Namibia as well as for the Australian rock group, Air Supply, on the South African leg of their tour.

The guys from ADAM still have many dreams and aspirations for the future, and always strive to improve and reinvent themselves with each new project they take on. Not only is BEWE proof of how much they have grown as artists, but it is also a collectable without which no music lover’s collection would ever be complete.




  1. Voorwoord
  2. Vaderland
  3. Goeie Ou Dae
  4. Sê My (Bewe)
  5. Kom wat wil
  6. Kalmeer
  7. Hyg
  8. Daai Oë
  9. Haar Vuur
  10. Iets In Die Water
  11. Jy Maak My
  12. Kalmeer (Akoesties)
  13. Dis Al Wat Ek Het (Akoesties)
  14. Plak Jou Hart Vas (Akoesties)
  15. Say What You Want (Akoesties)
  16. Ken Jou Waarde met Early B





Sal Oorlog Vir Jou Maak

Dis Al Wat Ek Het





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