Press Release: The Knysna English School Excels in International TEFL Education!

Surrounded by a surreal ambience of tranquility and benevolence depicting natures creation of mountainous perfection and calm waters, a beautiful small town called Knysna situated in the Western Cape, South Africa, exemplifies such beauty within in its metropolis.

Sharing such a hypnagogic environment with Knysna, is The Knysna English School, which resides in the heart of Knysna where educating the International Language, English, is of vital importance. Their vigorous passion to aid and educate those who wish to improve their communication abilities and fluency, including teaching and qualifying those in English, have allowed them to surmount great heights in the educational sector.

Though The Knysna English School consists of two divisions, the immense growth in the International Educational Sector requiring English Teachers, allowed them to embark on the journey to facilitate and assist in fulfilling the need by educating and providing highly qualified English Teachers to the Industry.

In order to fulfill the demands of the industry, the school has become a specialized institution in offering a TEFL/TESOL (Teach English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English as a Second Language) Course which is a high-quality course that is based on the best practice TEFL Courses. In addition to their TEFL Course, vital educational components necessary to equip TEFL Teachers to Teach English Overseas are also included. The Schools’ course material incorporates unique modules that are distinct characteristics of their educational system as they strive to surpass all scholastic limitations.

Not only does the school proudly excel in educating, training and equipping students who attend their school to qualify as an International TEFL/TESOL Teacher, but assist their students to embrace the opportunity to work, earn a terrific income and travel overseas.

The School consists of a Dedicated and Dynamic Team of Educators where teamwork and support is the core heartbeat of the School.  Their passion is to ensure that all their students leave with the equivalent passion and drive, if not more to fulfill their dreams of being a Successful International TEFL Educationists.

Though The Knysna English School’s Team ensures that their students have an excellent understanding of the theory and principals of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, the students are equipped with practical skills to be an efficient TEFL Teacher with strong self-confidence, valuable skills and exceptional expertise.

Being an Excellent Academic Institution, their New TEFL Teachers graduate with a sought after TEFL/TESOL Certificate from where Overseas Employees confidently employee such Well Educated TEFL Teachers.

The Knysna English School caters for all those, young and old, who wish to fulfill their dreams of venturing into a new, stable and exciting career of travel, earning a fantastic income, and embracing new cultures.

As their motto states ,’We Strive for Excellence Every Day, in Every Way, Reaching Beyond Our Limits’, their profound philosophy of teaching and learning supersedes all expectations in providing paramount education.


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Written by: Dorranstar Dorran



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