Press Release: Praise The Fallen, reaches International Status!

Praise The Fallen also known as P.T.F have reached International status where they have climbed the ladder of success since their conception in 2010 till to date, started by Jammie Bosstel and Jon Ster of Lillian Axe.

P.T.F, hail from South Bend, Indiana in the USA, with fellow band members, Steven Moore, and Johnny Santana, who radiate on immense magnetic passion and talent in the music industry particularly in the Hard Rock/Alternative/Pop Genres.

In 2014, Jon Ster sadly passed away, where at his memorial PT.F played in his honor, and though P.T.F was on a 4 year hiatus, Jammie orchestrated the reformation of Praise The Fallen, which paved the path to their current position of professional musical stature.

Though purely a Hard Rock Band, Jammie Bosstel – Vocals/Guitar, Steven Moore – Bass, and Johnny Santana – Drums, their music can often be compared to other well-known International bands such as, Foo Fighters, Three Days Grace, Goo Goo Dolls, Shinedown, Fuel, and other current International Hard Rock Bands.

In the summer of 2016, Praise The Fallen released a 12 track album, titled Not So Beautiful (complimented with Patrick Bayless on Drums and Bryan Almaguer on Lead Guitar) produced by Tim Bushong, who not only was awe struck but in amazement, said, ‘I haven’t heard an album with as many cool riffs, hooks and melody lines since Nirvana’s Nevermind Album “.

Not only does, Praise The Fallen’s musical composition, vigilant lyrical formation, weave the sui generis uniqueness of heart felt emotion, passion and the harmonious frequencies the lead and rhythm guitars, integrated with strong bass lines, but are rhythmically directed by the timeous beats of the prodigious drums.

As mentioned by Tim Bushong, referring to riff’s hooks and melody lines, each track also promotes acute centred vocal intonation of pure positive enthusiastic self expression of what each track portrays with strong fluidity embracing and speaking to the emotions of every P.T.F fan individually on a deep soulful level of a large magnitude.

Praise The Fallen’s single, ‘Changes’ (complimented with Steve Frakes Jr on Drums, Kyle Oviatt on Lead Guitar and Cody Draper on Rhythm Guitar), including their two previous albums, self-titled album – Praise The Fallen, released in 2010 with Jon Ster (complimented with Jonathan Burkholder on Drums) and Not so Beautiful, have created the landmark and foundation of an exceedingly successful career in the music industry, and have become the favorites of all favorites, enticing their fans conveying their lyrical messages with immeasurable enjoyment of tunefulness radiating in every part of ones being.

P.T.F. have opened for very well-known Bands as well such as: Tantric, Hed P.e. Wayland, Nonpoint, Powerman 5000, Another Lost Year, Prong, L.A. Guns, Enuff Z Nuff, Devour The Day and Red Sun Rising.

Not only are they preparing to release their new single shortly, but are also currently writing and composing new material for their next album which is to be released in 2018, (Watch out for P.T.F’s single, and don’t miss out!)

With humbled thankfulness to their fans support, the demands to attend gigs and see Praise The Fallen, perform live, have increased and are currently performing at various venues throughout the Midwest, including Mishawaka, Indiana, USA.


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Written by : Dorranstar Dorran

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