Press Release: Springbok Nude Girls ARE BACK, with “The Beautiful Evolution Tour”!

Legendary South African rock band, SPRINGBOK NUDE GIRLS, released their new music at the end of April 2018.

During their successful and powerful nation-wide tour in 2017, the Nude Girls found that their fans were as hungry as ever for their music. It felt like a natural progression to write new material.

“It is 10 years after our last album and 20 years since we wrote Blue Eyes; all signs, I guess. With a band like us who has been together for so long… when the feeling takes hold, you go with it. You never know if it’s your last. For us making an album these days is not about relevance or making some inflated statement. It’s about 5 guys doing what they do best and having too much fun with it. Hopefully the end result will reflect this.” Arno Carstens

The fans will hear it first

to hear the new single,
of the Beautiful Evolution”

The first single of 2018 will be Beautiful Evolution and can only be heard on a limited edition signed 7” vinyl (as part of an exclusive Beautiful Evolution VIP tour package including being a part of the music video, a meet and greet and more) or during the tour which kicks off at The Music Kitchen in Port Elizabeth on 26th April.

This vinyl packs a punch with the savage sounding Best Friends, Best Enemies exploding onto the B-side. Only 60 of these vinyl will be made available to the public. Full details can be found at

The digital release is set for 27th April 2018. The Nude Girls will go back to their roots and release their music independently.

The Beautiful Evolution

The first single, Beautiful Evolution, is a driving anthem that examines the paradox of human progression and hypothesizes that to halt mortal degradation one must look to and take lessons from the past. It’s an ironic call to action:

It’s a beautiful piece of evolution
So many problems with no solution
Be kind, be kind, be kinder than kind

Details about the full length album will be announced later this year, but expect The Nude Girls to be unpolluted, powerful, real and rampant as ever.

“The vibe I have gathered from this album is that it is unpretentiously light-hearted good fun, riddled with great energy with some punk undertones and, of course, some big Nude Girl classic rock songs.” Arno Carstens

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